Allocation of value

Allocation of value

Allocation of value

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  • On September 17, 2022
  • Rajesh Khairajani


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Allocation of value

The allocation of value to multiple classes of equity shares in a company is an essential process that ensures fairness and transparency in the distribution of profits and dividends. For example, a typical company may have different classes of equity shares with varying voting rights, dividends, and other benefits.

Allocating value to these different classes of shares involves determining the company’s profits and distributing them based on the terms and conditions of each share class. This process is critical to maintaining the shareholders’ trust and confidence in the company’s management, as it ensures that every shareholder receives their fair share of profits and benefits.

Proper value allocation to equity shares can also help attract new investors and improve the company’s financial performance. The many options for pricing models, including the Black Scholes and Monte Carlo Simulation models, were covered in previous newsletters.

Start-ups and early-stage companies often have capital structures with numerous classes of shares. This is because they get funding through several investment rounds, each of which features a unique group of investors with unique rights and preferences.

Several types of equity exist, such as employee stock options, convertible preference shares, and equity shares. In addition, it should be noted that convertible debentures are also regarded as equity for allocating value exercise.

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