US-UK corridor

An extensive knowledge of cross-border rules and regulations makes KNAV a premier trusted partner for cross-border solutions. Our International Tax and Transfer pricing service branches out into the U.S.-UK Corridor, supporting U.S. companies setting up operations in UK and vice versa. We provide the most comprehensive and reliable support for all your expansion needs.

We understand that operating business in a country requires a thorough understanding and application of all the laws and regulations to optimize tax strategies. However, cross-border transactions take the challenges a notch higher as the rules and the authorities change. What is BAU in one country may not be accepted in another, and hence, our cross-border consultations are your growth partners, be it advisory, tax, or audit services that address specific needs of both inbound and outbound operations.

Our understanding of the laws of both the lands helps us in ensuring smooth establishment of your business leading to rapid operational readiness!

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  • Grant Claims Eligibility and Assistance

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  • Corporate Tax Compliance
  • VAT Compliance
    • Global Transfer Pricing
      • Transfer pricing planning and documentation
      • Local documentation studies, functions, and risk comparability analysis
      • Review of existing agreements
      • Multijurisdictional documentation studies
      • R&D Tax relief

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  • Financial Reporting
    • Financial advisory under UK GAAP, IFRS and IND AS
    • Preparation of statutory financial statements under UK GAAP, IFRS and Indian accounting standards (IND AS)
    • IXBRL tagging of financial statements
    • GAAP conversions and explanation of the impacts
    • Preparation of consolidated financial statements
    • FRS 102, FRS 102 section 1A, FRS 101, and IFRS
  • Transaction Advisory
    • Market entry strategy reviews
    • Entity type selection
    • Location selection
    • Finance due diligence
  • Tax Advisory
    • Tax Planning & Restructuring
    • Tax treaty analysis
  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Compliance

How is KNAV delivering Above & Beyond?

We bring regional knowledge to the table, ensuring a transformative experience without compromising your peace of mind. Execution is the bridge between a plan and reality, and that’s our specialty. We turn all your plans into tangible outcomes.

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